Story On A Plate

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Unter „Plating“ versteht man die Fertigkeit, Gerichte besonders kunstvoll auf dem Teller anzurichten. Fotos und Anleitungen visueller Festschmäuse animieren Amateure und Profis zum Nachmachen.

Displaying food on a plate can turn a great dish into an artwork. Story on a Plate explores plating in all its facets, delving into the inspirations, artistry, and techniques behind some of the most imaginative and visually compelling plating across the globe. Through profiles of industry stars, how-to guides and spectacular photography, Story on a Plate invites you to learn simple ideas and techniques that will elevate your own plates of food from sustenance to art. From appetizers, main dishes and deserts, you will find eye-popping meditations on rhubarb served in Amsterdam, an egg nestled on a bed of hay in London, or a whimsical ode to honey in Hong Kong.

Editors: gestalten
Format: 22,5 × 29 cm
Features: Full color, hardcover, stitch binding, 256 pages

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