Ana Roš - Sun and Rain

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Set near the Italian border in Slovenia’s remote Soča Valley, in the foothills of mountains and beside a turquoise river full of trout, Ana Roš tells the story of her life. Through essays, recollections, recipes, and photos, she shares the idyllic landscape that inspires her, describing the abundant seasonal ingredients from local foragers, the tales of fishing and exploring, and the evolution of her inventive and sophisticated food at Hiša Franko – where she has elevated Slovenian food and become influential in the global culinary landscape.

Ana Roš is the chef of Hiša Franko, a tasting menu restaurant in Slovenia. Long in her husband’s family, she took over the kitchen in 2000. It was ranked #38 in 2019 by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, which had named her World’s Best Female Chef in 2017. An episode about Roš appeared in season two of Netflix’s Chef’s Table. Kaja Sajovic is a Slovenian journalist. Andrea Petrini is a writer, critic, and culinary creative.

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